About Us

For Brett, feeding and entertaining has always been a passion. As a young person, finding ways to get involved in the preparation for Sunday dinner or a large holiday meal was a natural fit. Growing up in and around Thompsons’s, their family run grocery store and bakery in Park Ridge IL, It seemed like their lives revolved around great service and great food.  In recent years Brett has decided to follow his dreams create a customized catering business.  Brett’s culinary history not only include legendary holiday spreads for friends and family but also include teaching cooking basics at Flip Crepe Chicago, Cooking for the Taste of Chicago,  Banquet and line cook for Millrose restaurant South Barrington,  Field Chef for Blue Plate Catering Chicago and most recently as a Private Chef.

Our Purpose

We want to help you express your extraordinary style with creativity and imagination, delicious food and a romantic beautiful presentation.  Our food reflects our commitment to quality and service.  We love creating healthy meals that feed not only your appetite but also feed your soul.  We are eager to share that excitement and bring more joy and healthy eating to those in our community.  All meals are prepared under the guidance of accomplished and well-seasoned chefs.